Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MSNBC finally decides to use the "D" Word....

I don't know why no one else has started asking this Question ? How long does a Recession last or deepen before anyone asks the Truth ? And Why is no one pointing out that the Iraq Mess might have cost too much ? for Everyone.....And I do hope people realize that Bush did this...and should be held responsible...Bush NEVER ever ran a successful business....remember Arbusto ? or Harken ? yeah...Daddy Bush had to come bail him out.....this time there is NO Daddy to Bail Out Bush's mess.....

But on another note I do wonder when we will see the Swiss Bank Account the Carlyle Group on it ? Bush and His Daddy ? Dick Potter Cheney ? and how many of the Bailed Out CEO' and other Crooks ( like Sanford? Maddoff ? Lewis of BAC..????)

It is time for the Media to report more on what is really happening to Real More Foodbank Stories, etc. Please do write to them and tell them that....ALL the media. It is not right that Wallstreet Whining gets hours of Airplay yet, my neighbors being evicted and losing jobs gets Silence......This Economic Situation got personal for Many Folks many months ago.
I live in a hood where I can not even count the number of foreclosed homes that sit empty, where families sleep in their cars, where elderly folks use change to buy soup, where Phd's and nurses ( new grads and old) are jobless and living on the edge, where teachers have been laid off, where no one I know has Healthcare ( much less "insurance")......
"This is Not America"?...David Bowie, video I made with Mandt about What is America right now....( please share it).

WRITE to the Media Make them report The Truth, interview Food Banks, Unemployed, SHOW the Joblines.....Report What We The People are going through.....Everyday...Right Here..Right Now.


Mauigirl said...

It is definitely the worst thing we've lived through. Although it's interesting - over at Comrade Kevin's place he shows a chart of unemployment spikes - we're nowhere near the worst. But may be going in that direction for sure.

Fran said...

Thing is we have a "perfect storm" going on.... back in the day they just based the declaring of a depression on a certain percentage of joblessness.

the Bush legacy has created a whole new category...
we've got

• record debt soon to be 11 trillion in debt

• which means we are paying a record interest rate on the debt...

• The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$3.71 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

• The $600 billion dollar war tab- still in progress.

• the sub prime foreclosure debacle

• massive bank failures

And the rate that they publish of unemployed is very likely skewed by people who have fallen off the unemployment ins. (no longer being counted),
People who are vastly underemployed-- working multiple jobs or working jobs with no health care benefits, so a medical emergency could bankrupt them.

# of people living in poverty

# of bankruptcies

It's not fair or accurate to just focus on the unemployment rate as a way to gauge how the economy is doing.

Anonymous said...

Can you maybe use some more question marks??? I think they might be necessary??? to help you get your point across?? about this being Bush's fault???????