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The Million Can March is on..Let's Take Care of Hungry Americans This 4th of July.....Click the title and go see Rev Phats Great Million CAN March ...

Do go read this post all about How you can help and get involved...And why we as Bloggers need to do this....It's a great idea that will really help so many that are hurting right now....Check out it out.

( I am working on this because here in Ohio, 24 % of the children here are Hungry, and that does not count the kids that normally would get two meals a day at school, now that the school year is over they will be without those two meal a day. Also where I work it is not uncommon to see Elderly buying catfood and paying with change....I strongly believe that taking care of each other is the greatest form of patriotism...and yes, it is true that the Tea Baggers are planning Activities for the Fourth of yes, this would be a more positive action for that day....kind of honoring that "Community Organizing" side of America, eh ???....namaste.)

ForeClosure Update....Numbers released for May 2009....

I live in the Foreclosure in Cleveland the numbers are staggering...and in my hood you can walk by the empty abandoned houses and the local community leaders have been having meetings about is more than depressing.My hood in particular usually has alot of college and grad students, but the last six monthes many left....and fall will reveal how many can afford school in fall, or have moved home for school.

Click the title for the Reuters update on Spring Numbers....

Foreclosed Homes to Become Hurricane Shelters in Florida

Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April Update on the Month....

I feel badly that I have not updated Economic issues well enough this past month. I was blogging on Watergate Summer, mostly about Torture and War Crimes and yes, the Swine Flu. I do worry a great deal about the Swine Flu because it poses a huge Health Challenge as more than 50 Million people in this country lack Health Care due to no Health Insurance. So Economically this Outbreak has great implications. This week the WHO Director, Dr.Margaret Chan expressed her concerns about the Impoverished in the world that are at risk, I do wonder if Americans ever considered that includes people in our Country. I do encourage that you take a look at my Swine Flu Blog, as it covers the Outbreak in great details since the news first broke only one week ago. Sadly I cover Human Rights Issues which also includes such things as Torture and Health Emergencies. But the Economy has remained on my radar, especially related to this current Health Emergency.

The Outbreak has been traced to the largest Hog Farm in Mexico, it raises many questions about Hog Waste Practices and Hygiene.The Mexican information has been more difficult to trace, but in many ways this is because the number of people with access to care has been limited to those that can afford care. It does raise many questions as to why the Mexican response has been more severe ( as of last weekend 2000 sick, over 300 testing postive, and 159 dead). So far as of today in the States, 141 confirmed cases, atleast 7 hospitalized, and one death ( of a Mexican toddler in Texas).

I am also very concerned about the Strained American Health Care System. Most people are not aware that Bush cut Billions per year from Teaching Hospital Budgets, 39 Billion his last year in office. When he did this it effected Services that many of these hospitals could offer from ER Services to Screening and Labratory Services. DHHS needs to review What Most states and Most Public Health Facilities can offer to the Public. For example: All the Viral Tests ( swabs) that are being done at this time, sent to State Labs and then on to Atlanta, this is costly, and the States and the State Hospitals have to absorb alot of that cost. This is just one example of What can drive costs and effect Care.
Enigma's Swine Flu Update Blog
Watergate Summer , my main blog,covers all relevant Life Issues, Human Rights to Health to Economic Issues....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


From Channel 3::::
CLEVELAND -- Health officials announced Tuesday afternoon that the Remote Area Medical or "RAM" Ohio event planned for this upcoming weekend has been cancelled.The "RAM" Ohio event was expected to draw thousands of people without health insurance to the Berea Fairgrounds to receive free medical, dental, and vision care.The Ohio Department of Health recommended the event be cancelled due to concerns over the swine flu outbreak. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is backing the ODH's decision.
The event has been postponed indefinitely but organizers say it will be rescheduled once the swine flu outbreak dissipates....
I was going to work this Event this weekend, as it has been planned here for monthes, and publicized because there are millions here in Ohio without HealthCare, and it is an event that was planned to offer medical and dental care to those in need. It was to be held at Fairgrounds, 2000 Health Care Volunteers,including nurses and doctors had donated services and thousands were expected to show for care. ( I was also planning to report on the event and post on it with photos and videos, but mostly I am sad as many here are in need of this event. I know it will be rescheduled for a safer date- and this is a prudent action.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

"It Is what is it is" the Hidden Goodbye Message....

*( I posted this over on Watergate Summer 4.15.09 about Someone that I work with that died rather suddenly, I do think economic stress and a lack of affordable healthcare contributed to his death.... )*

Two nights ago I dedicated to " Sailing" to a Friend , a coworker from the market who was suddenly taken away. I dedicated it because we had joked about the Damn Long Winter and The Need for Spring, and he said he wanted to get out on a boat and get some Fishing Done on Lake Erie.It was just a couple of weeks ago. We were the same age, we would run into each other in the basement humming The Oldies. And then there was the last Sunday before Easter, it was bitter cold, hell it even snowed. And people at work were grouchy. I snapped at my manager, said that the Older Workers are not appreciated, I didn't mean to, and I felt bad about it, said I was sorry later. But working without Heat has gotten to me, my patience is as chapped as my hands.I went down to the basement grinding my teeth, mumbling, and I ran into the Vegetable Man- he too was in a heavy mood. His eyes were red and he looked very tired. I asked if he was Okay, He mumbled he was fine as moved some boxes out of the way. I said " really what is wrong ?"

" Ahhh, it's just more Stuff...Can't fix Everything, It is What it Is .."

He shook his head and stomped away....I nodded silently. And he walked off in a quiet fury...and I went back upstairs to work.
The quiet vegetable man that was trying to tell me something...and maybe I really had not heard him...well enough.Did he even know I heard him...that I was listening.

Later, I was upstairs and I heard that he got into a continued altercation with some of the workers, and that he left work fuming.....But what happened next I did not know until this week.

He went down to the Bus Stop...and there waiting for the bus, he had a stroke...He never woke up or spoke again.
And then this week, after Easter, he died.....All of those unresolved issues still lingering in the basement. And that last Conversation hangs in my head like an unfinished painting....For him, there will be no Spring, No More Fishing Trips on the Lake.....It Is What It Is.

Appreciate the time you have ....and those around you. Take care of those around you...

Jobless rate is up in 46 States....yeah, we knew that....

Click and read the WSJ article.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

About the HUD Dollar Homes...the Truth : LA Times Investigation..

Mercury News has more on this
These two articles expose that the HUD program is quite a sham, and raises some real questions.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Story on ABC News tonight about Increase in Squatting Across the Country....Do Watch, and I will post the link...thanks

Click the title or try this link to the 2nd story on Squatters...This is about Squatters retaking their Homes and Neighborhood Homes....Know this, in Europe in many Countries Squatters are not considered illegal- they care for properties and keep them safe and clean, and prevent Vandals.( In some countries they leave power and water in Squatted Properties- so the properties can be upkept).
Take a look at the Squatters Handbook....

More on a London Squatting Situation ? that we could learn from .....

Story from LA Blogger about Foreclosures in LA invite Squatters....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


WOW, Turn it on...Amaazing....He said his website is "we-got-ed-dot-com" ( let me know if you find it).....He is focusing on Healthcare, Un-Insured, the Struggle of the Middle Class, and Education and Why it matters....Holy Cow....Pat Buchanon's Head must have exploded somewhere tonight...or Lou Dobbs must be gasping for Air...First Guest - Union

First Quote of the Night:
" Conservatives are SELFISH about Healthcare"....( Ahhhhh, music to my little ears...)

Homelessness Updates for April : Rapid Rises in Lower Middle Income Families Effected.......

From the USA article today :
"Cities and counties are reporting a sharp increase in homeless families as the economic crisis leads to job loss and makes housing unaffordable.In Seattle, 40% more people are living on suburban streets. In Miami, calls from people with eviction notices have quadrupled."The demand from families with children has increased dramatically," says Robert Hess of New York City's Department of Homeless Services. Each month since September, shelter requests have been at least 20% higher than they were a year ago.The Department of Housing and Urban Development requires a one-day count in January of people living on the street, in shelters or in transitional housing. National figures have not been compiled."

** ( Okay- someone will have to explain to me WHY the DHHS only does ONE ONE Day Count ??? I do know in the Beginning of January I went to the DHHS website for Information on Homelessness- and there was ONLY one page- and NO Stats had been updated since....wait for it.....yes, the 2000 Census....So that means that NO ONE has Counted Real People- the Homeless for NINE years.....)****

Of 56 places where figures were available, 35 reported an increase in homelessness; 12 had a drop.

***** ( For anyone that reads about Shelter Numbers, remember these are numbers of those at the Shelters, what we really need is how many are turned away.)****

FIND MORE STORIES IN: Boston | Seattle | Phoenix | Los Angeles | Minneapolis | Urban Development | Miami-Dade County |
"People who were on the edge can't hold on anymore," says Cathy ten Broeke homelessness project coordinator in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. She says 1,251 families sought emergency shelter last year, up from 1,032 in 2007.

• In Chicago, calls to a homelessness prevention hotline were 59% higher in February than a year earlier, says Nancy Radner, head of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness. "We're getting requests from people earning more than $30,000 a year, even $65,000. That's unprecedented."
• In Los Angeles, 620 families used the winter shelter program this winter, compared with 330 families a year earlier, manager David Martel says.
• In the Phoenix area, 230 people in families were living on the street in January; there were 49 a year ago. There were 139 children younger than 18 living on the street on their own, according to the Maricopa Association of Governments.
• In Miami-Dade County, the number of people calling for help after getting an eviction notice jumped from 1,000 in 2007 to 4,000 last year, David Raymond of the county's Homeless Trust says. "We've beefed up our prevention efforts," he says, so fewer people become homeless.
• In the Seattle area, street homelessness increased 2% overall but 40% in the suburbs, where the number living in cars rose from 229 last year to 339, homelessness project director Bill Block says.

****** ( Seattle is where the Mayor has been less than gracious about Homeless Issues and harsh on the Tent Cities, so they now name they Nickelsville's to honor his "compassion" )****

Friday, April 3, 2009

Walgreens to start offering Healthcare...finally a real solution for those without Health Insurance and real healthcare....

This Snippet from the Huffpost article:::
"The program is expected to last through the end of 2009. Walgreen runs 341 Take Care clinics in 35 markets around the country, including Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Cleveland.Free services will be offered only from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Walgreen said it will not offer free checkups, vaccinations or other injections because it is focusing on providing services patients might otherwise get at an urgent-care center or even an emergency room.Patients must present proof they are unemployed, including a federal or state unemployment determination letter and an unemployment check stub. They will have to sign a form at the clinic saying they have lost their jobs and health benefits. If they find a new job or get new health insurance, they will no longer be eligible for free care.Spouses and children are also eligible for free services if they don't have insurance of their own.Medical lab operator Quest Diagnostics is participating in the program by offering free tests for step throat and urinary tract infections."
So if you are working and don't have Insurance it looks like you can also go for care or for simple prescription refills. If you need more information , this is the number you can call to find a Take Care Clinic near you Please call us at 1-866-Take-Care (1-866-825-3227).
I am hoping this idea spreads across the country and that more pharmacies do this to help people and provide more service and care, it makes sense that people will come and are needing care. Sometime people can not afford both the Doctor Appointment or the Meds.
Wednesday Morning Update 4.1.09
So I called the Take Care Line, and it turns out that the Care they are offering is ONLY for people that have recently been laid off or lost their healthcare, or health insurance through being laid off, and have been patients at Take Care PRIOR to March 31st. I did suggest that perhaps they should think on expanding coverage to OTHERS that are are Uninsured and or Underinsured but working. She said that there are "policies" that won't allow that. I also tried to locate care for Downtown Cleveland Residents- but it turns out the "clinics" are ONLY the suburbs, NONE are in Downtown Cleveland.

Frontline episode this week on Healthcare in America: " Sick Around America"

It covers Healthcare or lack of it around the Country, and how it is effecting so many. It is a Crisis.Click the Title to watch Online Episodes. Our Health Care System is beyond Broken, and people are suffering across the Country, those with Insurance as well as the 58 Million UnInsured and the Millions that are Under-Insured.Preview Below.

Food Stamp Numbers Jump to 31.8 Million....( click title for more Reuters article)

One of my jobs, besides Nursing.... is at a local market.....late at night many more men are coming to shop and they use their food stamps and look about furtively, hoping not to run into neighbors or previous co-workers. Most are dads, and are still learning their way about the store. I tell them what is on sale and where the special treats are like produce and bakery goods. Other times it is the elderly that come and they bring change bundled or a coffee can of change, I encourage them to get Food Stamps and give them the phone number and address....and yeah, sometimes I "lend" them change...And other nights it is young parents looking for Bread, Milk and Cheese on sale....and I remind them that Bananas are on sale.

And over the past few months our Manager has been keeping watch and making changes. He now is sure to set up Dollar Sales and 99 Cent Sales and feature them...He has put more produce and meat and milk on sale.And he helped organize a Food Bank drive and this week he came to me and handed out copies of the Free Campground Healthcare Fair.....He too has seen the faces and eyes of those coming in to the store....One in Ten is getting Food Assistance...and there are more that need it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

742,000 Jobs lost in March....( Revised February total was 706,000)

(Reuters) –" Job losses in the U.S. private sector accelerated in March, more than economists' expectations, according to a report by ADP Employer Services on Wednesday.Private employers cut jobs by a record 742,000 in March versus a 706,000 revised cut in February that was originally reported at 697,000 jobs, said ADP, which has been carrying out the survey since 2001.
The big drop foreshadows a huge decline in the non-farm payroll reading in the government's employment report that will be released on Friday, some analysts said."
Meanwhile Cantor says that Dems are over-reacting to the Economic Crisis.....
Another point that needs to be made- think of the 2.5 Million that have been Laid Off in the past few monthes- they don't have Health Insurance or Healthcare at this Critical Juncture in their lives, and that really means that now our UnInsured Numbers are actually over 50 Million....the Entire Population of Canada....

Tent City Update; This Concerns Forced Evictions at Ontario California Tent City ( one of the largest)

This 4 minute video gives the History of Ontario Tent City, actually many residents were encouraged to go there by authorities when Other Shelters were Full....then click the article- it updates that Forced Evictions have started there. ( just like Sacramento).
It is sad that we actually need to really examine these Camps and the situations that are involved, people that have been evicted now face forced eviction from the Ontario Tent City, when this has been their home and their community when they already lost their homes....Wouldn't it be better to accept these "campgrounds "and provide structure for those that are there ( ie plumbing and water) , then to evict them ? Where are they to go ? they ended up there due to an overloaded Shelter System.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jobless Rates of March 21, 2009...652,000 Number of New Jobless Claims week ending March 21st

"The number of new jobless claims in the United States rose by 1.2 percent to 652,000 during the week ending March 21 as the country reeled from recession, the Labor Department said Thursday.The initial claims for unemployment benefits was roughly in line with the 650,000 figure forecast by analysts and marked an increase of 8,000 from the previous week's revised figure of 644,000.The claims peaked two weeks ago at 657,000, a 26-year high.The four-week moving average of initial claims, a more reliable indicator of unemployment trends, was 649,000, down by 1,000 from the previous week's revised average of 650,000, the department said.It said that the number of people receiving unemployment benefits for the week ending March 14 increased to a new record high of 5.56 million, an increase of 122,000 from the preceding week's revised level of 5.43 million."
Raw Story Snippet , do link to title for more....

Do read the Comments on this post:::
Fran brought up a really Important Point below, for each of those laid off there is Now More People without Health Care and Health Insurance, it is really true...I am working on a post right now that I am actually trying to revise the Un-Insured Numbers and Under-Insured Numbers, it should be up this weekend.

Also Walking Man who lives in Michigan makes a point about Un Employment and in Michigan it is 22%....he is right that we NEED the Infrastructure Projects to start NOW...I agree we need WPA projects....and they need to start SOON...otherwise we are in for a long hot devastating summer....

Friday Post...We Do Need WPA Work Projects to begin as soon as possible.....

"In every bit of honest writing in the world there is a base theme. Try to understand men, if you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and nearly always leads to love. There are shorter means, many of them. There is writing promoting social change, writing punishing injustice, writing in celebration of heroism, but always that base theme. Try to understand each other."
– John Steinbeck in his 1938 journal entry..
Plenty Down below...the Repugs "Budget" Brochure and a complete analysis of the 16 pages of drivel...Job Numbers, a post about Eric Cantor was at the Brittany Concert the night Obama gave his Press Conference on the Economy,and more.....
I have been thinking alot about the Economy and the Jobs situation and so I will start posting about the WPA projects....
Down below is some videos on the Projects in the 1930's....and some music...Click the title a Garden Video, today's is on Soil and getting the garden soil ready ( our's is still too hard, but within the week, I need to start digging my Hope Garden)...
I will be posting about Some New Books this weekend, and also updating on Fargo....have a good rest of the Friday....
Nick Taylor an author explains HOW and WHY the WPA Projects helped our Country:

About WPA Works Projects : Art

Music for the night, John Mellencamp " Pink Houses"...

And for Something Completely Different.... Ayn Rand being interviewed by Mike Wallace in 1959..... ( 6-6 and I have been talking about her all week, I encouraged him to read "Anthem " and "We the Living" before "going Galt" and reading Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MSNBC finally decides to use the "D" Word....

I don't know why no one else has started asking this Question ? How long does a Recession last or deepen before anyone asks the Truth ? And Why is no one pointing out that the Iraq Mess might have cost too much ? for Everyone.....And I do hope people realize that Bush did this...and should be held responsible...Bush NEVER ever ran a successful business....remember Arbusto ? or Harken ? yeah...Daddy Bush had to come bail him out.....this time there is NO Daddy to Bail Out Bush's mess.....

But on another note I do wonder when we will see the Swiss Bank Account the Carlyle Group on it ? Bush and His Daddy ? Dick Potter Cheney ? and how many of the Bailed Out CEO' and other Crooks ( like Sanford? Maddoff ? Lewis of BAC..????)

It is time for the Media to report more on what is really happening to Real More Foodbank Stories, etc. Please do write to them and tell them that....ALL the media. It is not right that Wallstreet Whining gets hours of Airplay yet, my neighbors being evicted and losing jobs gets Silence......This Economic Situation got personal for Many Folks many months ago.
I live in a hood where I can not even count the number of foreclosed homes that sit empty, where families sleep in their cars, where elderly folks use change to buy soup, where Phd's and nurses ( new grads and old) are jobless and living on the edge, where teachers have been laid off, where no one I know has Healthcare ( much less "insurance")......
"This is Not America"?...David Bowie, video I made with Mandt about What is America right now....( please share it).

WRITE to the Media Make them report The Truth, interview Food Banks, Unemployed, SHOW the Joblines.....Report What We The People are going through.....Everyday...Right Here..Right Now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tent Cities on Oprah Today at 4PM....

Lisa Ling's Special Investigation:

Most of those in tent cities are not typical homeless, they are usually families, and underemployed or newly unemployed....Most shelters do not allow families, they are not set up for is almost impossible for many families to pay first and last monthes rent and also utility deposits. And as this Housing and Crisis and Job Crisis continues we all need to be aware of what is happening to families in this country...Our Country..

Scroll down...there are videos on tent cities...

New Video on Homelessness...

This is Not America...or is it ? ( David Bowie's song)..(" America and the New Depression" how it is named on Youtube.)
Mandt and I made this video together, and it is explained in more detail below....

This Song has been stuck in my head as I listen to the Repug Governors talk about NOT taking the Money, because of " Principle". What "Principle" is that ? Letting People starve and live on the street ?Have they NO shame ?

Mandt and I collaborated again on the above Video, he is so talented.....The photos are from around the Country, addressing the New Depression, photos of job lines, foreclosed homes,Job Lines- the photo of thousands that lined up for 35 fFD jobs in Florida, and yes boarded up homes from all over, not just CTown.... and yes, there is a photo of President Obama hugging Henrietta Hughes, she is the woman from the Fort Myers Rally who had been living in her car for over a year with her son....( thanks to that rally she connected with a family that did "lend" her a home....but grief and sorrow and worry brought her to the rally that was held not far from where she slept with her son). There is also a photo of a woman that lost her home in Galveston during IKE, and there are Train Photos from Obama's Trainride InAugural Weekend of What he and Michelle saw as they traveled on that Track, the huddled masses and boarded up foreclosed homes....and yes at the very end there is a VET....One In Three Homeless are VETS...( and No One has investigated HOW MANY VETS and VET families have been foreclosed....or how many return home to be Jobless ?).

Interspersed with Current Photos are photos from the 1930's taken by Dorothea Lange when she took photos for the Public Works Project. I chose them because they truly show the Plight of the Times etched in Folks' Faces....and if you look around, the faces look much the same....the Only difference is her photos are Black and White ?
About the Stimulus Package, All States receive Some Aid of some sort,but more importantly it is about acknowledging the Reality that We ALL are in for some Hard is better to admit it and work together on facing it and finding Solutions. we are out of time for Deluded Republicans and their Principled Stands that will harm more people and starve folks.

I try everyday that I work to go to work to be very grateful that I have some kind of work...any work.....but I also take something with me....a Bit of Hope and I try to spread that...I remind people that a year ago we had a Delusional King at the Helm of his Titannical Administration that could not say the "R" word....much less look out his window or hell even do a Flyover of the Economic Terrorism that he has wreaked upon this Country....for yes, we have been raped and pillaged economically by the corporotized Neocons.....and I have seen estimated that the Iraq War actually has caused over 1 trillion dollars in economic damage in our economy.....I remind folks that atleast NOW we have a President that gets up Every day and Works on this Mess for us...ALL of us and he is willing and able to talk Reality to us...We The People needed that. We will get through this together, but atleast now we have a President that is awake at 3am, just like us...we all are truly in this Together.

And if you run into Repugs who say Obama is "spending Too much Money", remind them that Bush spent Nothing on US, Nothing on WE THE PEOPLE...that Obama is Investing In Us, We the People , and Our Children and Our Needs and Our Future....and it is about damned time.
Housing Update from my area. Here in C-town by the Lake, on the East Side I learned this week that Our Foreclosure Rate is FORTY ONE TIMES the National Average....which would certainly explain the number of empty houses in my hood.The Main Banks here Charter One, Wells Fargo and PNC of Pittsburgh ( that was National City) have put Foreclosures on hold while Obama's Housing Program is being structured and implemented, ( atleast until March). And according to Economists his Plan does address housing needs and problems, and that includes for Renters. ( I do wonder if it has funds for Shelters and Food Banks and Vet Programs as well, but I have not found it on the Internet yet.)
(About the Foreclosure Hold here.....hopefully for 6-6 and I that will mean that our spot is safe for now... we already moved once due to having a foreclosed landlord back in 2007...and we are hoping that we don't have to do it again...)

Be good to each other....we all need to take care of each other....
Sunday Updates:
20 % in LA County recieving Assistance and Aid.... ( gee good their Repug Governor KNOWS that times are hard..)

Maureen Dowd kicks ass as always....Bubba won't like this post much......

Dean talking about the repug Gov's and their stupidity....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"WE THE PEOPLE" about Homelessness

I made this video montage with Mandt of Agitdiaries last year, I found the photos, some are from the internet and some are mine. The music is "Tear Drop" by Massive Attack, Liz Fraser....and he assembled it and put it on Youtube. The photos are from around the Country, Seattle, LA, San Diego, Boston, NY, DC, Baltimore, and NOLA, and Portland, and yes, Cleveland.
I am still worried that DC is not acknowledging how many are being hurt here, that due the Housing Situation and the Job Situation there are many more Homeless and people living on the verge....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So do the FEDS get HOW serious the Homelessness Problem is in America ?

So I have been trying to find RECENT statistics on Homelessness, and on the internet, most of the stats are from 2000...(that's right, the stats from the Bush years do not exist) Go ahead and click the title, and you will find the Current Government Page, that 's right - it is ONE lousy page. And then there are links to PDF's. Now here's a clue for the FEDS, people that are homeless reading about Resources at a Library- can NOT Download a PDF !!!

HOW can Funds be distributed to the people that are homeless and resources provided if there are NO Recent Numbers ? I know people are more than a Number, but this is criminal. WHY are there no stats even on Katrina Refugees ? VETS ? Elderly ? Families ?

ONE lousy page.....
I think I need to write to the Obama the meantime it is good to know there are Shelter and Soup Kitchen Resources in DC that are worth reading about.....

So I was working on this post....and Obama held a Town Hall meeting in Fort Myers, and he actually reached out and comforted Henrietta Hughes, a Homeless woman living in a her car for over a year with her son......I don't remember the last time I saw a President....or any elected person reach out to a Homeless person.

So How do We Wake up the Rethugs in DC and the Media ?

Millions of Americans are living one paycheck away from the Street.....Living on a Prayer....Today we met for a few moments Henrietta Hughes at Obama's Fort Myers Town Hall....her story touched us...made us cry...Living in her car for over a year with her son....she has been living on prayers...for too long....

( Representive Nick Thompson's wife is now reaching out to Ms Hughes and offering her the use of a home.....the update is over on Watergate Summer....)
Bon Jovi Acoustic " Living on a Prayer".....

I keep wondering WHAT will wake up DC, What will make this Crisis Real to them ? It's in DC's all over...Why doesn't the media talk to Depression Experts ? or Economists ? or Paul Krugman ? or hell REAL Americans ?Americans living on the edge, losing their homes and jobs....and young folks pulling out of college, and older folks losing their homes due to medical bills.....It's real and it's happening.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NY Stats....Worth looking at , they reflect MORE Families are homeless and seeking shelter...

More Homeless videos...Boston, Chicago

Chicago and Boston ( Documentary) 23 minutes....

Photo montage....

Lancaster Family of Seven....( news)

Tent Cities And Homelessness for the Working in this Country

How Families are losing Homes and not being helped.....

Ontario ,California......

Homelessness in Cleveland (

Homeless in Boston....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Stories Need to be Heard and Seen....and Shared....

I have been watching the Repugs and the Media this week, and it occurs to me that none of them KNOW what this is.....or understand WHAT the Economy has done to normal Americans....that We the People are Hurting...and we all have stories....We have neighborhoods with empty houses, and friends, neighbors and family members out of work, or losing jobs, and Healthcare stories, and we SEE the Truth everyday.....The Media and DC are NOT listening to Our Pain and Our Angst....So we have to Write and Blog Our Stories, Our Reality,...Document Our History. So please do tell your stories here, or post them to Youtube, I will post the 1930's under the Works Project Great artists documented the damage...we need to do the same. Obama is trying to give Americans a works Project with the Stimulus Package, but unfortunately the Media and Repugs are Ostructing a Program that will create jobs and protect the health and welfare of the unemployed.....The Numbers are staggering and worrisome.....

Today the totals for January are 598,000 for jobs lost, that is 3.6 Million since it was "revealed" we are actually in a depression, 1.6 Million in less than 2 monthes....We are In Trouble ( which was obvious when Bush could not even say the"R" word for over 16 monthes....)

Here is a Piece of my story......
....and WHY I understand The Pain, WHY I see IT....One of my part time jobs is at a market, I help old people count change to buy soup.....I have so many neighbors out of work I can not count them....I have watched people leave my hood, foreclosed, abandoning their houses, and landlords losing their properties. ( I already moved once in January 2007 due to a foreclosed landlord....and I might have to do it again...). I am a nurse ( RN) who can NOT find Fulltime work, only part time work, and I work most hours at Other Jobs....ALL the Hospitals here- the BIG ones have a Freeze on....that is just a piece of my tale....

And then tonight over at Watergate Summer my other blog, Fran of Ramblings left a comment that tugged at my heart.......
"last week a busy corner had no home for sale signs- this week there are 3 plus one big red sign for an "auction" of a home (I'm guessing foreclosure).

My husband's one month "temporary" layoff has turned into 6 weeks, then 2 months, with word still pending as to if they will in fact go back to work.

For now, there is unemployment comp, but we are looking @ '08 taxes & because there is no college credit money this year (The college tax write off HOPE program was only good for 2 years), so according to the IRS there is no hope for us this year.

We may have to cough up almost $1000 bucks while unemployed to pay the IRS & having housed a college student rent free all year.

Where is the box to check off," simple oversight" or "honest mistake"????

How about- due to the depression, we don't have the damned money???

Pretty soon this cycle will come full circle to the IRS... people will simply have to default on taxes because the $$ is not there.

Game over.

I can't believe that # of jobs lost in 2009."
So I read what she wrote and it made me realize that we all need to share OUR stories....This is Our History....and there is the Fierce Urgency of Now......and I am listening..... and I will keep listening.......
Tracy Chapman..."Talking about a revolution"

Thousands line up for 40 Fireman Openings in Miami Feb3rd

Do watch the Video from this CBS story out of Miami- interesting that MSNBC or CNN or FOX did not show happened February 3rd...more than a 1000 lined up, many camped out attempting to apply for 35 -40 Fireman jobs...

Do watch the CBS videothat is part of this story.....

A Sign of the Times....

NEWSGUY sent this from LA....kind of sobering...and surreal....Here in Ohio...we have Tour Buses and alot of empty houses, so I guess by Summer we could have Poll Ads....send me your photos, I will post them...

Friday, February 6, 2009

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