Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Million Can March is on..Let's Take Care of Hungry Americans This 4th of July.....Click the title and go see Rev Phats Great Million CAN March ...

Do go read this post all about How you can help and get involved...And why we as Bloggers need to do this....It's a great idea that will really help so many that are hurting right now....Check out it out.

( I am working on this because here in Ohio, 24 % of the children here are Hungry, and that does not count the kids that normally would get two meals a day at school, now that the school year is over they will be without those two meal a day. Also where I work it is not uncommon to see Elderly buying catfood and paying with change....I strongly believe that taking care of each other is the greatest form of patriotism...and yes, it is true that the Tea Baggers are planning Activities for the Fourth of yes, this would be a more positive action for that day....kind of honoring that "Community Organizing" side of America, eh ???....namaste.)

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