Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Video on Homelessness...

This is Not America...or is it ? ( David Bowie's song)..(" America and the New Depression" how it is named on Youtube.)
Mandt and I made this video together, and it is explained in more detail below....

This Song has been stuck in my head as I listen to the Repug Governors talk about NOT taking the Money, because of " Principle". What "Principle" is that ? Letting People starve and live on the street ?Have they NO shame ?

Mandt and I collaborated again on the above Video, he is so talented.....The photos are from around the Country, addressing the New Depression, photos of job lines, foreclosed homes,Job Lines- the photo of thousands that lined up for 35 fFD jobs in Florida, and yes boarded up homes from all over, not just CTown.... and yes, there is a photo of President Obama hugging Henrietta Hughes, she is the woman from the Fort Myers Rally who had been living in her car for over a year with her son....( thanks to that rally she connected with a family that did "lend" her a home....but grief and sorrow and worry brought her to the rally that was held not far from where she slept with her son). There is also a photo of a woman that lost her home in Galveston during IKE, and there are Train Photos from Obama's Trainride InAugural Weekend of What he and Michelle saw as they traveled on that Track, the huddled masses and boarded up foreclosed homes....and yes at the very end there is a VET....One In Three Homeless are VETS...( and No One has investigated HOW MANY VETS and VET families have been foreclosed....or how many return home to be Jobless ?).

Interspersed with Current Photos are photos from the 1930's taken by Dorothea Lange when she took photos for the Public Works Project. I chose them because they truly show the Plight of the Times etched in Folks' Faces....and if you look around, the faces look much the same....the Only difference is her photos are Black and White ?
About the Stimulus Package, All States receive Some Aid of some sort,but more importantly it is about acknowledging the Reality that We ALL are in for some Hard is better to admit it and work together on facing it and finding Solutions. we are out of time for Deluded Republicans and their Principled Stands that will harm more people and starve folks.

I try everyday that I work to go to work to be very grateful that I have some kind of work...any work.....but I also take something with me....a Bit of Hope and I try to spread that...I remind people that a year ago we had a Delusional King at the Helm of his Titannical Administration that could not say the "R" word....much less look out his window or hell even do a Flyover of the Economic Terrorism that he has wreaked upon this Country....for yes, we have been raped and pillaged economically by the corporotized Neocons.....and I have seen estimated that the Iraq War actually has caused over 1 trillion dollars in economic damage in our economy.....I remind folks that atleast NOW we have a President that gets up Every day and Works on this Mess for us...ALL of us and he is willing and able to talk Reality to us...We The People needed that. We will get through this together, but atleast now we have a President that is awake at 3am, just like us...we all are truly in this Together.

And if you run into Repugs who say Obama is "spending Too much Money", remind them that Bush spent Nothing on US, Nothing on WE THE PEOPLE...that Obama is Investing In Us, We the People , and Our Children and Our Needs and Our Future....and it is about damned time.
Housing Update from my area. Here in C-town by the Lake, on the East Side I learned this week that Our Foreclosure Rate is FORTY ONE TIMES the National Average....which would certainly explain the number of empty houses in my hood.The Main Banks here Charter One, Wells Fargo and PNC of Pittsburgh ( that was National City) have put Foreclosures on hold while Obama's Housing Program is being structured and implemented, ( atleast until March). And according to Economists his Plan does address housing needs and problems, and that includes for Renters. ( I do wonder if it has funds for Shelters and Food Banks and Vet Programs as well, but I have not found it on the Internet yet.)
(About the Foreclosure Hold here.....hopefully for 6-6 and I that will mean that our spot is safe for now... we already moved once due to having a foreclosed landlord back in 2007...and we are hoping that we don't have to do it again...)

Be good to each other....we all need to take care of each other....
Sunday Updates:
20 % in LA County recieving Assistance and Aid.... ( gee good their Repug Governor KNOWS that times are hard..)

Maureen Dowd kicks ass as always....Bubba won't like this post much......

Dean talking about the repug Gov's and their stupidity....

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