Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April Update on the Month....

I feel badly that I have not updated Economic issues well enough this past month. I was blogging on Watergate Summer, mostly about Torture and War Crimes and yes, the Swine Flu. I do worry a great deal about the Swine Flu because it poses a huge Health Challenge as more than 50 Million people in this country lack Health Care due to no Health Insurance. So Economically this Outbreak has great implications. This week the WHO Director, Dr.Margaret Chan expressed her concerns about the Impoverished in the world that are at risk, I do wonder if Americans ever considered that includes people in our Country. I do encourage that you take a look at my Swine Flu Blog, as it covers the Outbreak in great details since the news first broke only one week ago. Sadly I cover Human Rights Issues which also includes such things as Torture and Health Emergencies. But the Economy has remained on my radar, especially related to this current Health Emergency.

The Outbreak has been traced to the largest Hog Farm in Mexico, it raises many questions about Hog Waste Practices and Hygiene.The Mexican information has been more difficult to trace, but in many ways this is because the number of people with access to care has been limited to those that can afford care. It does raise many questions as to why the Mexican response has been more severe ( as of last weekend 2000 sick, over 300 testing postive, and 159 dead). So far as of today in the States, 141 confirmed cases, atleast 7 hospitalized, and one death ( of a Mexican toddler in Texas).

I am also very concerned about the Strained American Health Care System. Most people are not aware that Bush cut Billions per year from Teaching Hospital Budgets, 39 Billion his last year in office. When he did this it effected Services that many of these hospitals could offer from ER Services to Screening and Labratory Services. DHHS needs to review What Most states and Most Public Health Facilities can offer to the Public. For example: All the Viral Tests ( swabs) that are being done at this time, sent to State Labs and then on to Atlanta, this is costly, and the States and the State Hospitals have to absorb alot of that cost. This is just one example of What can drive costs and effect Care.
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