Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Stamp Numbers Jump to 31.8 Million....( click title for more Reuters article)

One of my jobs, besides Nursing.... is at a local market.....late at night many more men are coming to shop and they use their food stamps and look about furtively, hoping not to run into neighbors or previous co-workers. Most are dads, and are still learning their way about the store. I tell them what is on sale and where the special treats are like produce and bakery goods. Other times it is the elderly that come and they bring change bundled or a coffee can of change, I encourage them to get Food Stamps and give them the phone number and address....and yeah, sometimes I "lend" them change...And other nights it is young parents looking for Bread, Milk and Cheese on sale....and I remind them that Bananas are on sale.

And over the past few months our Manager has been keeping watch and making changes. He now is sure to set up Dollar Sales and 99 Cent Sales and feature them...He has put more produce and meat and milk on sale.And he helped organize a Food Bank drive and this week he came to me and handed out copies of the Free Campground Healthcare Fair.....He too has seen the faces and eyes of those coming in to the store....One in Ten is getting Food Assistance...and there are more that need it.


Grandpa Eddie said...

It's heartwarming to see that your Manager is really trying to help those who are not financially stable.

enigma4ever said...

it is heart warming..
and believe me this is someone that is a long lived repug....and he has really had an Empathy Epiphany....